Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Plush Stuffed Animal Zoo

Plush Zoo Animals

Playtime Zoo Animal Plushies are favorites with children and grown-ups alike.  It's hard to resist animals that have become familiar from trips to the zoo, so I've created a world of these toy animals for my Etsy Zoo, and it's growing. Let's take a walk and check them out.

A Soft Stuffed Giraffe

Hand-Crocheted Toy Giraffe
Jellyroll Giraffe is a cute plush toy.  Handmade in yarn in the Amigurumi style of crochet, he got his name from the fact that his favorite food is a big, squishy jellyroll donut instead of the 'shoots and leaves' most giraffes eat. Of course, being a stuffed animal, he doesn't really eat those donuts, but enjoys watching people eat them and laughs when the jelly oozes out all over their fingers.

Jellyroll is currently living at Coastal Crochet Crafts on Etsy, but would prefer to live in a child's playroom.  He definitely does not want to live outside in the wild like all those giraffes found in jungles who grow from 16 to 20 feet tall, since he's only about 9 inches tall (if you count the horns on top of his head). 

Lions and Tigers.... Oh My!

A Plush Toy Lion in the Zoo


Roly Poly Plush Lion
Plush Amigurumi Crocheted Lion
While walking around my shop zoo, don't be startled by this lion.  His name is Luke and he is a very friendly, soft and cuddly stuffed toy lion created in yarn in a 5” x 5” roly-poly round shape.  Luke hardly ever roars as he likes to do 'quiet' things, like reading and playing board games.  Luke the plush lion is a darling stuffed animal just the right size for little hands to hold.

Timothy the Toy Tiger


Toy Tiger in Crochet

This toy tiger is made using orange and black yarn. His eyes are safety eyes, his nose is crocheted from yarn and his whiskers are embroidered. 

Timothy Tiger measures a round and roly-poly 5 x 5 inches, not including his tail, which is 3 inches long. TImothy (or Timmy as he prefers to be called) is soft and cuddly and just the right size for little hands to hold.

Tiny tots love zoo and jungle animals, and Timmy Tiger fits right into that category of favorite toybox animals.

Handmade Stuffed Toy Elephant

Pink Plush Elephant on Etsy
A Pink Elephant?  Why not.  Plush stuffed toy animals are magical, so they can be any color you want.  This elephant chose pink because it's her favorite color.

This pretty pink pachyderm in plush handmade crochet makes a perfect baby shower gift for a new baby girl or a darling cuddly stuffed animal for any little girl who loves both the color pink and elephants.

Plush pink elephant measures 9 inches tall and about 7 inches wide across her arms and legs. She is handmade in crochet using pink acrylic yarn with a pink and gray ombre yarn used for the pads of the arms and legs and the inside of the ears. Her eyes are embroidered in gray.

A Roly-Poly Plush Zebra

Zippy the Plush Toy Zebra
One of the newest – and downright cutest – zoo animals in my shop is Zippy the Zebra.

Handmade in crochet in black and white Zebra colors, Zippy is a very round 4 x 4 x 4 inches and is filled with soft fiberfill. He has one black ear and one white ear and a black & white tail.  Naturally, he has stripes all over!

Did you know that the stripes on Zebras are different on each animal?  They each have a unique pattern.  Each of my crocheted zebra plushies are similar – but being handmade, each one is a bit different, making them all one-of-a-kind.

These crocheted zoo animals currently live at Coastal Crochet Crafts on Etsy and look forward to moving to a toybox near you.  I hope you have enjoyed your trip to my plush animal zoo. 

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© Wednesday Elf – published 12/31/2014.  Updated 11/27/2016 with more zoo animals.


  1. Oh, your little critters are always so adorable! So glad you have these zoo critters. I think the giraffe is probably my favorite of your handmade plush animals.

    1. Susan, my zoo animals so enjoyed your visit on this last day of the year. The giraffe especially enjoyed seeing you.

  2. Pat, they're very cute! I especially enjoy how you name your work! Zippy the Zebra lol, love it

    1. Thanks, Barbara. My crocheted critters also enjoy being named. It's half the fun of crocheting them. LOL.

  3. Oh, they are all so adorable! I love them all and of course, I already know they are exceptionally made.

    1. Thanks so much, Mouse. I know how much you love the zoo. Since my town doesn't have a zoo, I made my own zoo animals in crochet. :)

  4. I think those crocheted critters are so adorable!!! I love looking at them.

  5. Thanks, Sandy. Delighted you dropped by to visit them.

  6. What an appealed array of animals in your zoo. You are so talented with your crochet needles.

    1. Thanks, Barbara. Stuffed animals are such fun to crochet. Glad you enjoyed them.

  7. You have some really gorgeous animals in your 'zoo', but I have found a favorite (don't let the others know) - Jellyroll Giraffe. He's really cute, plus my hubby used to call our daughter jellyroll when she was little and her favorite toy? A cuddly stuffed giraffe!

    1. How cute, Louanne. I like the name jellyroll. :) My son had a favorite giraffe stuffed animal too.