Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Handmade Plush Playtime Puppies

Plush puppies handmade in crochet make cute playful pets. I have a collection to share with you from my Etsy Shop.


Black and White Bow-Wow in Handmade Plush

Peter the Handmade in Crochet Puppy Dog
This plush puppy is named Peter. He's a round, roly-poly toy puppy hand-crocheted in white yarn with black ears and a black patch around one eye.  His features are embroidered in yarn. Peter puppy measures 5 x 5 inches and is 14-1/2 inches around his plump body softly stuffed with polyfil. He has black paws and a white tail.


A Crocheted Puppy Named Patches


Patches the Toy Puppy
Peter's puppy friend Patches is crocheted in tan and brown yarn.  He measures 4-1/2 inches x 5 inches and is about 13 inches around.  His body is tan, and his ears and paws are brown. Patches got his name from the brown patch around one of his brown eyes. 

Crocheted Toy Puppies

A Pair of Handmade Plush Puppies 

Both Peter and Patches, the plush toy puppies, can be found in my Etsy Shop, Coastal Crochet Crafts.  


Puppy Dog 'Coasters for Kids'

Puppy Dog Beverage Coasters

Handmade playtime coasters in a puppy dog theme would be a fun addition to a little girl's play kitchen or to use for her toy animal tea parties. The puppy coasters would also enjoy being part of a child's imaginative playtime stories. 

Each of the four coasters is in a different color combination and shows the puppies sitting in front of a red dog house.  
  • Brown puppy with tan ears and white markings, wearing a green bow & sitting on a green mat
  • Tan puppy with black ears and white markings wearing a blue bow &sitting on a blue mat
  • Tan puppy with black ears and Ecru (off-white) markings , wearing a blue bow & sitting on a blue mat
  • Off-white (Ecru) puppy with tan markings and black ears wearing a green bow and sitting on a green mat.
 These cute dog-theme drink coasters would also be a fun way to encourage children to use a coaster for their drinks at the dinner table or anywhere mom doesn't want a glass to leave a watermark.  

The coasters measure 4-1/2 inches high and 4 inches wide.  They come in their own doggy bed holder which measures about 5 x 5 inches. The holder is red and each side is decorated with two black paws and a white bone. A fun set of beverage coasters for dog-lovers. 

A Stuffed Toy Dog in Crochet

Crocheted Stuffed Toy Dog

A larger stuffed toy dog is also in my Etsy Toybox. 

Handmade and hugable, this plush dog is tan with brown ears and brown features.  He is 16 inches tall (10 inches tall in a sitting position) and 6 inches wide and is filled with fluffy fiberfil.  This plush dog wears a dog collar created in crochet. Attached is a dog tag handmade with plastic canvas and yarn. Plush dog is very cute and cuddly.

These puppy dogs, and many more plush animal pets, are available in my Etsy Shop, so you are welcome to journey to my Land of Crochet where my cute critters love to romp and play. 

A Puppy Story!


For a good story for children about learning to take care of puppies, check out "Just Me and My Puppy". 

Plush puppies require no care except an occasional cuddle.  Real puppies need lots of walking, feeding and loving.  This book helps teach a child how to be responsible for a new puppy.  


  1. Well aren't Peter and Patches cute! You're such a creative person, really appreciate all your designs and always look forward to seeing what you've done!

    1. Delighted you enjoyed my puppies in plush, Barbara. Thanks for visiting Peter & Patches.

  2. These doggies are all adorable and I absolutely love the coasters!

    1. Thanks, Mouse. Glad you liked my crocheted doggies and the puppy coaster set.

  3. Peter and Patches are ADORABLE!