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Plush Black Cats and Not-So-Scary Bats


Cute & Cuddly Black Cats & Bats in Plush


Handmade and available on Etsy
Plush Black Cat on Etsy
Black cats are no particular breed, or rather, can be from any breed or mixed breed. Simply stated, these felines are called 'Black Cats' because their fur is all black!

Black cats have had superstitions attached to them in many cultures and are considered to be either 'good luck' or 'bad luck'. At some point in history, black cats were suspected of being the 'familiars' of witches and this may be why they are now associated with Halloween.

Bats, on the other hand, are flying mammals. There are over 900 species of bats, but the only ones I like are Plush Bats! :)

Lets take a tour through a world of plush black cats and 'not-so-scary' bats!

Black Cats

Black Cats in Plush are Purr-fect!


Ziggy the Plush Black Cat

Ziggy the Curious Black Cat is soft and silky and loves to be petted. He has an extra-long body (nearly 15 inches) that is a bit ‘understuffed’ which makes him as posable as a real cat.

Ziggy the black cat is cute and cuddly and lovable.  He is available on Amazon.

Black Cat in Plush Crochet
Plush Black Cat on Etsy

This cuddly black cat seen in the introduction photo is a perfect plush cat in crochet for a child's toy, a Halloween decoration, or anyone who loves black cats.  He measures 7.5 inches in a sitting position and 10 inches tall overall and is cute and cuddly soft.  He can be ordered at the Etsy Shop of Coastal Crochet Crafts!

Are You Superstitious About Black Cats? 

Do you think they bring 'Good Luck' or 'Bad Luck'?

On the "Good Luck" side, several friends have given me their opinions:

  • Black Cats Bring 'Good Luck'. That black cat 'bad luck' belief is Hogwash!
  • Since I've had several black cats over the years, I definitely don't think they bring bad luck. To me, Black Cats are 'lucky'!
  • I've had black cats before and they are just sweet and loving. The only time I'd think they were bad luck is if one was coming at me with a chainsaw, otherwise, no worries :)
  • I've never thought black cats were bad luck. A cat is a cat.
  • Any cat is good luck, in my opinion! Send your black cats my way.
  • Where I'm from (the UK), black cats have always been a symbol of good luck!

And, in the opinion of a friend's dog.....
Silly humans, all kitties are good to chase - I have no color preference :)


Scary Looking Black Cat for Halloween!


Furry Bones Black Mao Mao Cat

Now This is What I Call a Halloween Cat Face!

This Black Mao-Mao Cat Furry Bones Soft Plush Doll would make a terrific Halloween decoration. The 'face' is perfect for getting the attention of the 'trick or treaters' at your door on October 31st. 

After Halloween, Mao Mao Cat can then keep you company throughout the rest of the year. (Just watch out you don't come across him in a dark room on a 
stormy night! )

On the other side of the bad luck/good luck question, here are some 'bad luck' quotes:

  • No, no.... keep them away! Black Cats are Scary and bring 'bad luck'.
  • I would like to say I am not superstitious, but just yesterday a black cat ran quickly across the path of my car and I have to admit I shuddered!
  • Not sure but never let one cross my path lol guess i need to pick no no no...:)
  • I don't take any chances one way or the other so am always on my guard when I spy a black cat.
It looks as though most people LIKE black cats and think they are just fine.



The Best Kind of Bat - A Bat in Crochet!

Plush Toy Amigurumi Bat Pattern to Crochet

A Cute Bat to Crochet

If you are a crochet crafter, you could make a whole collection of toy bats with this darling pattern. A stuffed animal bat is the best kind of bat, in my opinion!

A clever crafter on Etsy creates adorable Amigurumi animal patterns from her home in Portugal. This crocheted bat pattern is just one of a wonderful group you will find in her Etsy shop she calls MevvSan. Check out all Mevlinn's patterns from a Sloth to a Unicorn to a Giant Squid. She has some quite unique and original patterns in her shop.

THIS is MY idea of a fun bat - a BATman PLUSH blanket.


I Like this Kind of Bat! - Soft and Warm. It's a super-soft fleece throw that measures 50" x 60".

This will make a great gift for my SuperHero crazy grandsons -- perfect for their BOY-cave! :-)


Unique Decor - A Bat Pillow


Metallic Bat-Shaped Pillow on Etsy
For a comfy soft spot for your head, or simply to decorate a sofa or chair for Halloween, you can't beat this handmade Bat-Shaped Pillow. This pillow is just one of a number of "Bat" pillows in a variety of colors and fabrics created by Theda of New York. She has a darling collection of bat pillows and other items in her Etsy Shop she calls Deflated Mouse.

Made with black synthetic satin with bright red metallic bats flying hither and yon. It's like a mad house!  Bat pillow measures approximately 18" x 8".

Black Cats (and the occasional Bat)... Wish you a Happy Halloween!


My children at ages 3 and 6 wearing their 'Mama-Made' Black Cat Halloween costumes




"Black Cat Appreciation Day" 


© 2012 Wednesday-Elf


  1. Oh this is too cute. Look at those little black cats ready for trick or treating. Love this post and the crocheted cats and bats are as cute as ever!

    1. Thanks, Grammie O. My kids had a ball that Halloween dressing up as black cats, especially since we had a black cat at the time -- named Spooky!

  2. I've always loved cats & have had several black cats meself. ;) Love the crochet items & would love to try to make them myself. Cute stuff!

    1. I've always loved black cats too, Sylvia. I've had 3 over the years, along with a few others. :)

  3. so adorable! Especially the bats.

    1. Funny, Dawn Rae. Most people prefer the cats - you like the bats! :) Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Paula. I don't care for bats in nature, but I agree that plush toy bats are cute! :)

  5. They are all so cute! I love black cats and bats! Of course, you already know I am fond of little bats. Cousins stick together!

  6. Of course 'cousins' stick together. LOL. Thanks for visiting my black cats and bats, Mouse!

  7. I love black cats. They are my favorite kinds -- especially if they wear tuxedos. These are really cute. I have no personal acquaintance with bats, but I know they are important for more than scaring people. I wonder how that bat pillow would do as a neck pillow.

    1. Barbara, that bat pillow might work great as a neck pillow. Looks to be just the right size and shape. :)

  8. Love the kitties, especially the Halloween version. Very cute. Have to agree a cat is a cat, black or not, not an issue.

    1. I love cats too, Barbara. Had a succession of them over the years - my favorite was a black cat named Spooky.

  9. I still love those little crocheted bats! Of course, the cats are cute too :)

    1. Crocheted bats are the best kind of bats, IMO, Mouse. LOL. Thanks for your visit.