Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Crafty Crocheted Toy Cats

 Colorful Toy Kittens and a Plush Mouse

 Colorful Toy Kittens and a Plush Mouse

Toy cats in crochet can be any color you choose.  It's part of the magic of handmade stuffed animals.  As cat owners know, felines come in many colors and color-combinations.  But the only place you'll find kittens and cats in pink and blue is in a handmade plush animal, such as these found in my Etsy Shop.  

Pink Plush Kitty Cat

 A Plush Pink Cat

The minute I saw this pink yarn, I thought of the movie and song “Pink Panther', a long-time favorite of mine. The movie cat, Pink Panther, is long and skinny, but my little roly-poly pink kitten is just as charming. Hand-crocheted in acrylic yarn and filled with a soft polyester fiberfill, she measures a nice, round 4.5 inches by 4 inches. Her tail is another 3 inches.  Pink kitty cat has blue eyes and a black nose and whiskers, which are embroidered in yarn and embroidery thread.  She's a sweet pink cat purr-fect for girls of any age, from babyhood to college age.  Pink is lovely, but what about little boys?

Toy Teal Tomcat

Crocheted Teal Tomcat Plush Toy

Teal is a delightful shade of blue that appeals to little boys.  Boys like cats too, so Teal Tomcat was created in crochet just for them.  The pattern style is the same as the pink cat, but this Teal cat has 4 white paws to contrast his teal body.  He could also be a Turquoise Tomcat, which is another word for this shade of blue. Teal Tomcat measures 4 x 4 inches overall, with soft stuffing and embroidered features, making him safe and secure for any age child. 

Handmade Kitty Cat Coasters
Cute Cat Coasters

Handmade Creative Cat Coasters

If you don't have a need for a crocheted cat, but love cats in general, here's the perfect household accessory.  A set of cat coasters to hold your coffee or tea cup or beverage of your choice. Or they can be 'Playtime Coasters' for children to use at a 'tea party' with their plush cat.

These cat coasters are handmade using plastic canvas and acrylic yarn.  The set includes 4 coasters, each one done in a different color, which fit into a holder for storage.

The coaster holder is a cat box in blue with K I T T Y spelled out in light blue letters on the front and a gold fish, a pink ball of yarn and a gray mouse decorating the other three sides of the box.

A Mouse in the House?

Mindy the Handmade Mouse
We all know that cats like mice, so I'd be remiss if I didn't show off a cute hand-crocheted Mouse.

Come meet Mindy, the Amigurumi stuffed animal Mouse who is also a member of my Roly-Poly Plush Pets Stuffed Toy Animal line. Mindy is delighted to be here, but stays away from the 'cats' also living in my Etsy shop.

Mindy the Mouse is made with a light gray and pink acrylic yarn and filled with soft polyfil stuffing.  Her eyes, nose and whiskers are embroidered in yarn, so she's a completely safe toy even for babies and toddlers, with no removable parts.  She measures 6 x 5 inches -- a nice roly-poly roundness that is just the right size for little hands to hold.  Babies love to grasp the ears and feet and use them for teething! A toy mouse is the very best kind of mouse to have in the house!

Come visit this collection of handmade cats, kittens and a friendly plush mouse

These crocheted cats, kitten coasters, and plush toy mouse are all available in my Etsy Shop, Coastal Crochet Crafts.


  1. Darling little critters! Of course, cat and mouse are perfect toys for little ones to enjoy. Even this not-so-little one can enjoy these sweet plush toys.

  2. Delighted you liked my cat and mouse crocheted collection, Susan. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Every time I visit your beautiful craft pages the first thing I go looking for is to see what you've named your little critters, lol - Pink Panther, Teal Tomcat, Mindy Mouse CUTE!!!

  4. Thanks, Barbara. I enjoy naming my critters. :-)

  5. Your kitties are all so adorable and you know I love the little mouse!

    1. I always think of you SylvesterMOUSE when I crochet and talk about my plush mouse. :-)