Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Two Seals and a Walrus ~ Plush Marine Animals in Crochet

Baby Harp Seal, Harbor Seal and a Walrus in crochet
Baby Harp Seal, Plush Harbor Seal, Crocheted Walrus Toy

I loved watching the seals play among the rocks along the coastline when I lived in California. It was my inspiration for creating plush seals and other sea life in crochet

There are many kinds of seals who mainly live in cold ocean waters. My crocheted seals are much smaller and love to live in toy boxes and play with children who like seals. They can be found on Etsy in my shop called Coastal Crochet Crafts.

Baby Harp Seal in Crochet 


Baby Harp Seal in Crochet
Toy Baby Harp Seal

I once saw a picture of a baby Harp Seal and fell in love with how cute and cuddly-looking it was.  So I decided to create the harp seal in crochet and he's just as cute and cuddly as that picture.

When a Harp Seal is born, he is white like the ice flows he lives on to protect him from predators.  His white coat will change to the standard silvery gray as he grows. 

The scientific name for the Harp Seal means “"ice-lover from Greenland" and he's usually found in the north Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean.

Since Harp Seals grow up to be up to 6 feet long and weigh 300-400 lbs., this crocheted plush toy Harp Seal is the perfect size for a child because he's just 7 inches long and weighs about 2 ounces.  Definitely a much better size for a child to cuddle.  Toy Harp Seal is hand-crocheted in white acrylic yarn and filled with a soft fiberfil.

My plush toy harp seals now live in Pennsylvania, Texas and Oregon. The latest one is currently in my Etsy Shop.

Toy Handmade Harbor Seal


Plush Harbor Seal

After crocheting the baby harp seal, I looked for patterns to crochet other kinds of seals.  This Harbor Seal handmade in crochet was the result.

Harbor Seals live in coastal waters of the northern  Atlantic and Pacific oceans.  They can be brown, tan, or gray.  I chose a Heather Gray acrylic yarn for my crocheted toy version.

This hugable Harbor Seal measures about 10" long by 7", wide across his 'flippers'. His nose and whiskers are embroidered in black yarn and he has black 'safety eyes'. Since he's a toy, he gets to wear a (removable) yellow ribbon around his neck.

Real Harbor Seals like to make their homes along the rocky ocean coastline, giving them places to hide if danger comes.  Toy Harbor Seals feel nice and safe and happy living in a child's toy box or keeping them company on their bed.


Crocheted Toy Walrus Named Wendy


Toy Walrus in Plush Crochet
Plush Toy Walrus
I discovered that walruses are from the same 'family' as seals, so definitely had to add a plush toy walrus to my collection of crocheted sea animals. 

The walrus has brown or pink skin. This cute crocheted walrus was handmade in a brown & tan ombre yarn with a light tan nose and white tusks.

 The walrus is a very large (10 feet long and up to 3,300 lbs.) marine mammal called the 'Gentle Giant' of the Arctic because they are friendly.  This toy walrus only 7 inches long weighs about 8 ounces and is a size just right for little hands to hold. Of course, he is a friendly plush animal.

Both the plush Harp Seal and the toy Harbor Seal live with their crocheted friend Wendy Walrus in my Etsy Shop ready to travel to their 'forever' home.

A Seal Storybook


Seal Storybook Available on Amazon
Illustrated with beautiful pictures, your child will "see what a seal can do" as they follow the seals from their spot napping on rocks to diving deep under the sea. 

A delightful seal story for ages 4 to 8 years, this story book will be even more enjoyable if your child has a hugable plush seal or walrus toy to cuddle while listening to you read the book to them. Storybooks and stuffed animals just naturally go together.

More Plush Sea Creatures

*For more plush 'Sea Critters', check out this page of  crocheted clams and the story of plush dolphins.

(c) Wednesday Elf.  Article written on 2/18/2015. Updated on 2/25/2017.


  1. Adorable seals and walrus that I am sure any child would love! Your information about the animals you make is always so interesting. Look forward to your next post.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading the background story to my crocheted sea critters, Linda.

  2. What cute little critters! A child could create their own zoo with some of your crocheted creations! It is always interesting to be able to read about the animal as well since some of them I am not that familiar with. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Carol. A child certainly could create a plush animal zoo with crocheted critters. And I love writing about my inspiration for creating these plush animals.

  3. Oh, they are all so very cute! I love that walrus!!! I haven't seen her before and she is absolutely adorable.

    1. Hi Mouse. Yes, the crocheted plush walrus has not been around for awhile, but is back now. Thanks - Wendy Walrus enjoyed your visit.

  4. All your critters are so adorable! Love the seals!

  5. Adorable sea creatures in crochet and what interesting facts! Happy National Seal Day today!

    1. Thanks, Susan. Hope you had a fun 'Seal Day'. :)

  6. I just love these guys! They are so cute. They make me smile just looking at them. You always do such great work Elf!

    1. Thanks, Mouse. My baby harp seal just returned to my Etsy Shop after his siblings moved to Pennsylvania, Texas and Oregon. :) They are making some children happy now.