Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Plush Turtles and a Tortoise - Plush Toy Animals

Two Turtles and a Tortoise


Turtles are animals that walk slowly, have a shell on their back and can pull its head and its short legs into the shell.  Turtles live on the land or in the sea or other bodies of water. In England, a turtle is sometimes called a tortoise.

Turtles come in many sizes from the tiny speckled cape tortoise in South Africa which measures around 3 inches long, to the giant leatherback sea turtle which can grow up to 7 feet long.

Toy Turtles in Plush

Since children love turtles, and I create in crochet for kids, I wanted to make some plush toy turtles.  These cuddly stuffed turtles are soft and cute and love to live in a child's toy box or keep them company on their bed.  Currently, a couple of different sized plush turtles are waiting in my Etsy Shop, Coastal Crochet Crafts, until time for them to leave for their new home.

Rosy Pink Plush Baby Turtle

Pink Plush Baby Turtle
 First, there is the tiny baby turtle in a rosy pink and pink ombre yarn who measures just 5 inches from her head to her tail and about 4 inches from the tip of her head to her little feet. She is handmade in the Amigurumi style of crochet using acrylic yarn and is filled with soft polyfil.

This rosy pink baby turtle would make a darling baby gift or a fun plush toy for any age child. 

Green Plush Toy Turtle


Tiny Turtle in Green

This is a cute toy turtle in handmade crochet. The head and feet are done in a soft green acrylic yarn and the shell is in shades of green, orange, rust and white ombre yarn. The tiny tail and feet are green. The eyes are embroidered in orange yarn. Green turtle is the same size as the cute rosy pink turtle above.  Both baby turtles can be found in my Etsy Shop

Terrance the Tortoise in Crochet


plush tortoise
Terrance the Tortoise

Come meet Terrance, a plush stuffed toy tortoise. Terrance is an Amigurumi toy turtle handmade in crochet. You can also call him by his nickname, Terry.

Terrance the tortoise is crocheted in yellow, tan and sage green acrylic yarn and filled with soft new polyfil. He measures about 12 inches long and 11 inches wide measured across his body and his legs.

Toy tortoise has a tan body with a sage green shell. His head, legs and tail are done in yellow. His eyes are embroidered. He's soft and cuddly and safe for any age child with no removable parts.

Terrance the tortoise is a happy toy turtle waiting to be hugged by a child who loves turtles. 

Good Night Little Turtle


These baby turtles and Terry tortoise have a favorite book they like to have read to them at bedtime.  It's called 'Good Night Little Turtle' and it is a fun rhyming story all about a little turtle who has to say goodnight to his animal friends, the sheep, bird, frog, dog, rabbit and lion, before he brushes his teeth and gets his own bedtime story read to him.  Then it's time to go to sleep.

My happy plush turtles at Coastal Crochet Crafts hope you enjoyed visiting them.


  1. Someday when I have grandbabies (and that day WILL come), they will have cute little crocheted turtles. Love these!

  2. Thanks, Susan. I love to crochet, both for my own grandchildren and for children everywhere. I just finished a plush penguin for my 6-year-old grandson! :)

  3. Oh, your turtles are so adorable, like all of your crocheted critters! I really admire your talent. I crochet, but nothing like you. You absolutely make the cutest animals.

    1. Thanks, Mouse. I really love to crochet and enjoy making plush animal critters the most.

  4. I love turtles, as well as your crochet critters! Terrence is adorable! I can see a child carrying this boy around, for sure.

  5. Your talent is definitely making the cutest little animals!