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Easter Bunnies on a Crocheted Trail

Pink Plush Bunny Pillow Doll

The Easter Bunny (or Easter Rabbit or Easter Hare) legend  began in the 1680s in Germany as a folklore figure and symbol of Easter. 

In the legend, the Easter Bunny brings colored eggs, and sometimes candy or toys, in a basket to give to good little girls and boys.

Let's go 'hoppin' down the bunny trail' while I tell you about the bunny rabbits the Easter Bunny inspired me to crochet for my Etsy Shop I call Coastal Crochet Crafts.

A Collection of Bunny Rabbits


Plush Pink Bunny Rabbit with Dress


Pink Bunny Girl on Etsy
This little bunny rabbit is hand-crocheted in acrylic yarn.  She measures about 10.5 inches tall, including her ears. She is 8 inches tall in a sitting position.
Pink Bunny Girl comes with a dress done in a blue, pink, rose and white ombre yarn. The dress is pinafore style and ties on the back around the neck.   

Pink Bunny Girl in Plush
The dress is easy to put on by having little Rabbit just step into the dress and pull it up to tie in a bow around her neck. She is filled with soft polyfil and has plastic safety eyes for her eyes and nose.


Plush Toy Golden Bunny Girl Doll


Golden Bunny Girl in Crochet
Plush Toy Bunny Girl
This plush Bunny Girl is similar to Raspberry Rabbit.  I used the same pattern and hand-crocheted her in a wheat-gold shade of acrylic yarn.  Then I gave her a complete wardrobe for your favorite little girl to play 'dress-up' with her Bunny. 

Golden Bunny Girl measures 9 inches tall (11 inches tall when you count her 'bunny ears') and 6 inches tall in a sitting position. She is about 5 inches across. Bunny Girl has safety eyes for her features and she is softly stuffed with polyfil.

 Her wardrobe of 3 dresses includes one in green, one in purple and a colorful dress created with an ombre variegated yarn called "Artist Print" with shades of purple, lavender, rose, burgundy, gold, blue and green. Each dress measures 4 inches long with 8 inch long crocheted 'ties'. Her dresses are crocheted in a pinafore style with a ruffle around the hem.


Pink Plush Floppy Eared Bunny Rabbit Pillow Doll 


Plush Bunny Rabbit
Plush Pink Bunny Pillow Doll
This pink bunny stands 14 inches tall and is about 7 inches measured across the widest part of the body & head. Pink Bunny pillow doll is hand-crocheted using pink acrylic yarn and is stuffed with soft polyfil. Bunny is made in two pieces and then crocheted together, resulting in a pillow-like, poofy flat plush animal which is only about one inch wide. Perfect to place on a pillow on a little girl's bed, and just the right size for 'cuddling' and hugging.

Pink Bunny has floppy ears attached to the top of her head and a manufactured white poofy acrylic ball for a tail.  Her eyes are embroidered in lavender yarn.

Bunny Rabbit doll has a pretty lavender ribbon tied around her neck and two lavender ribbon bows - one on each ear. The ribbons are simply tied on with a bow and can be removed, if needed.

Soft and safe, cuddly and hugable -- a sweet pink bunny rabbit for a special child -- or a sweet  baby gift for that darling new baby girl.   

White Rabbit

My favorite saying from Alice in Wonderland is said by the White Rabbit:

“I’m late, I’m late! For a very important date! No time to say ‘hello, goodbye,’ I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!”
Thus ~ when it was time to crochet a new bunny rabbit for my Etsy Store, I couldn't resist making it a White Rabbit.

White Rabbit in a Pink Dress

This plush Amigurumi white rabbit has safety eyes and nose and measures 11 inches tall, including her ears. She is 9 inches tall in a sitting position.
She comes with a dress done in a sparkly pink metallic yarn. The dress is pinafore style and ties on the back around the neck. White rabbit easily puts on her dress by stepping into it and pulling up to tie. The dress is removable.

Bugs Bunny Design on a Tissue Box Cover


Bugs Bunny Tissue Box Cover
Bugs Bunny Design on a Tissue Box Cover

Besides crochet, I also create in needlepoint on plastic canvas.  A favorite bunny for Easter or anytime has long been Bugs Bunny, so I stitched him on a cover for a boutique size tissue box.

Bugs is stitched in gray, peach, white and orange acrylic yarn with black accents on eyes and whiskers. The "Bugs" design appears on two sides, with plain red stitching on the other two sides and the top. Each panel is trimmed in black with brown edgings. The background of the tissue box cover is bright red. It measures just under 6" tall x 5" wide. 

Bunny Coaster

This Bugs Bunny cover comes with a matching red coaster with a gray bunny design. The coaster will delight a child when used for a tooth brushing rinse cup or for that bedtime glass of water.

Bunny Tote Bag

Bunny Tote Bag
Bunny Tote Bag
For another crocheted bunny design, check out this tote bag post for a cute little girls' tote bag in pink with a bunny design in white. 

Fun for little girls to carry around their favorite toys.

Roly Poly Bunny Doll

Roly Poly Pink Bunny in Plush Crochet

This is a cute little plush bunny rabbit in a Roly-Poly Amigurumi Design.

Roly-Poly bunny measures a cuddly round 4 x 4 inches (including the bunny ears). She is filled with soft new fiberfill.

Pink bunny is created using pink acrylic yarn, and an ombre variegated acrylic yarn called 'Wedgewood' in pinks, blues and white. Her features include blue craft eyes and a dark pink embroidered nose. Her ears and feet are pink.

Roly-Poly bunny rabbit is a cute and cuddly soft toy just the right size for little hands to hold.

Bunny Trail Rabbits

All these handmade bunnies "hoppin' down the bunny trail" wish you a Happy Easter!  They are each available in my Etsy Shop Coastal Crochet Crafts. Bunny Lady Amigurumi Crochet Pattern
Available in Amazon Kindle

If you would like to crochet your own bunny doll, check out this cute pattern available on in their Kindle store. 

Choose your favorite yarn colors for bunny doll and her dress (as I did for my pink bunny rabbit above) .  With worsted-weight 4-ply yarn and a size E-4 (3.5mm) crochet hook, this 'Bunny Lady' doll will measure about 5 inches tall when finished. By changing the sizes of yarn and hook, you can make different sizes of this bunny all from the same pattern.

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  1. Some neat bunny ideas. They look especially good as we await the full arrival of spring here in the northeast. I think my favorite is the floppy ear pink bunny pillow doll. It looks so soft and cuddly.

  2. All of the little bunnies are so adorable! Bugs Bunny always makes me laugh and you know I love that bunny tote!

  3. I totally love that floppy eared bunny! so many cute Easter bunnies here!

  4. these are great! love the bugs bunny design on a tissue case! lol, that's great!

  5. I hadn't realized you had bunnies with a wardrobe. They are adorable. Thanks for sharing all the information and pictures. I always learn something new when I read one of your blog posts!

  6. Thanks for visiting my bunnies this Easter Day, Carol. Glad you enjoyed it.

  7. I made a Floppy Eared Bunny very similar to yours many years ago before I learned to spin fiber into yarn. My sister-in-law spun the yarn and I took her handspun yarn and crocheted a bunny! I think she still has it! Or maybe I do. LOL! One of us does!

    1. How cute, Joy. Mine came from a very old vintage pattern, so it may have been the same one since it's been around awhile. Thanks for visiting my 'bunnies'.