Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Plush Pumpkins for Halloween and Harvest Time

Kitty in Pumpkin Crochet Pattern. Source: Etsy
Plush Pumpkins can be a Halloween decoration for a party, or a hugable toy stuffie for a child, or a lovely part of your Autumn decor. 

Plush pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, just like real pumpkins. Come browse this page of 'pumpkin patches' from Amazon and Etsy to see how many different plush pumpkins we can find.

*Kitty in Pumpkin seen here is a crochet pattern to make your own plush pumpkin with a kitty sitting inside and holding the top.  This cute Halloween pumpkin pattern was created by Barbara of Cape Coral, Florida for her Etsy Shop BVOE668.


A large, edible, orange-yellow fruit of the gourd family.

Plush Pumpkin & Toy Squiggly Spider


A plush pumpkin and a squiggly stuffed spider

Halloween Toys or holiday decorations

A little plush pumpkin crocheted in the Amigurumi style has safety eyes for features and comes with a friendly squiggly yarn spider. Fun toys for kids or cute Halloween party decorations.

Handmade in acrylic yarn and filled with a soft new fiberfil, these pumpkin toys are fun for kids. The set can be found in the Etsy shop of Coastal Crochet Crafts.

A Beanie Ballz Plush Pumpkin

Ty Beanie Pumpkin Plushie on Amazon

Measuring 5 inches long, you can throw 'em, catch 'em, or roll 'em and they will always land on their feet --- or leaves, that is. :)

Pumpkin Translations
  • pumpkin in Afrikaans is pampoen
  • pumpkin in Dutch is pompoen
  • pumpkin in French is potiron
  • pumpkin in Swedish is pumpa

Babies & Toddlers Love this Pumpkin Season too.

Pumpkin Pooh Bear Bean Bag
Plush Pooh Bear and Pumpkins... Fit Together Nicely for Halloween!

The perfect plush pumpkin for a baby is a Teddy Bear version. As an 'Elf', I relate to the smallest people in our households! :-) Soft sweet teddy bears, especially in a 'Pooh Bear' style, let little ones join in the Halloween season.

First in the Disney series of Halloween bean bags comes this adorable plush Pumpkin Pooh bean bag toy. Measures about 8 inches tall.

Don't Forget the Family Dog this Halloween!

Rubber Squeaky Pumpkin Pet Toy
For Halloween (or anytime) fun, here's an adorable addition to any pup's toy selection. Great for throwing and fetching games. Made of non-toxic material, this Halloween chew toy is currently one of the most popular with the dogs (and cats, too).

Dogs Love Plush Pumpkins Too.

Enjoy Plush Pumpkins in all forms for any age group.  Have a fun Pumpkin Season!

Oh how we love pumpkin season

You did know this gourd-ish squash has its own season, right? Winter, Spring, Summer, Pumpkin....We anxiously anticipate it every year.

        ~Unknown Quote

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  1. Pumpkins are everywhere! You've chosen some of the best I've seen to feature here. Love the plush, love the crochet pattern with the black cat, love the dog toy! Happy Halloween!

    1. Thanks, Susan. Delighted you liked my plush pumpkin choices. Happy Halloween to you!

  2. I do love Beanie Beanies, but there is something really special about having an handmade craft for holiday decor. Each year I bring something out, I am reminded of the precious friend or family member who took the time to create a unique and lovely decoration for me. Your pumpkin is adorable Elf and would be perfect for my autumn decor. I also love that black cat and pumpkin pattern that you have featured. I laughed at the pumpkin dog toy. My pups would sure love that treat for Halloween!

    1. Plush pumpkins are my favorite to use for decorations, Mouse. I agree it's always extra-special when you receive a handmade craft from a friend.