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Beautiful Blueberry Handicrafts

Plush Toy Blueberries on Etsy

Blueberries Abound in the World of Handicrafts

Much has been written about the blueberry as a delicious and healthy fresh fruit. As a delightful food item, blueberries can be served plain in a bowl, enjoyed in fruit salads or cooked and/or baked into everything from blueberry pancakes for breakfast to pies, cheesecakes and cobblers for dessert  for a delicious, healthful taste of summer all year long. 

There is even a special month - July - designated as "National Blueberry Month."

But blueberries can be more than a fresh fruit food item. Crafters have found blueberries charming in their world too. Let's put our Blueberry Muffin down for a bit and visit a few handcrafted Blueberry items.

Blueberries in Music -- "Blueberry Hill" - by Fats Domino

The song "Blueberry Hill" was published in 1940 and is best remembered for its 1950s rock n' roll version by Fats Domino. Browse these Blueberry Crafts to this well-known Blueberry music!



Blueberry Tart in Felt


Felt Blueberry Tart by fairyfox on Etsy
A Creative Pattern by Fairy Fox on Etsy

This darling Blueberry Tart toy is an original pattern with a unique design to create a fun playfood for your child.
This felt blueberry tart is just one of a number of adorable felt toys and playfood designed by Fairy Fox on Etsy.

Blueberry Cheesecake Soap

This slice of Blueberry Cheesecake believe it or not -- is soap! Looking good enough to eat (but don't take a bite!) this delightful, delicious looking bar of soap is topped with ripened blueberries and a sweet and tangy blueberry drizzle coating. It's even scented with blueberry cheesecake fragrance. Each soap weighs 6 ounces.
Unique handmade soaps like this blueberry cheesecake is just one of many different designs created in soap by Denise of Copiague, NY and are available in her Etsy Shop she calls AJs Sweet Soap.

Blueberry Jewelry

Blueberry  Earrings by GentleDecisions
These woodland blueberry earrings are made of clay, then painted with oil paint.  They measure 0.98 x 1.02 inches in size with a length of 1.18 inches.  These lovely earrings are just one of over 100 items in the line of romantic handcrafted jewelry & accessories in the Etsy shop called Gentle Decisions by Anna.

Blueberry Wearables


Blueberry Baby Bib 

Blueberry Baby Bib by applejax studio

Adorable hand-drawn blueberry design and lettering applied as a heat transfer iron-on to a handmade cotton bib for baby.  A clever and crafty design created by Barb of Ohio and featured in her Etsy Shop applejax studio

Knitted Blueberry Fruit Hat for Baby

Sweet Fruit Blueberry Baby Hat - Etsy

This hat, created by Berry Box on Etsy, looks like a fresh and sweet maturely blueberry.

It is knitted in light blue with included white `seeds`, on the top are leaves and a little stem made by a gras green yarn.

The hat is knitted by pure wool (baby-merino-wool) in one piece without any bothering seams, so it is flexible and fits a little longer.

Your little one will look adorable with this. It also makes a fantastic photography prop or a gift for a little one on its first birthday.

Knit your own Baby Beanie - Blueberries and more...

Baby Beanies Pattern Book
Happy Hats to Knit for Little Heads.  This 144-page pattern book has patterns to knit 25 super-cute beanies for your baby. 

The patterns are perfect projects for beginning knitters and include directions for basic stitches and techniques. Create an darling hand-knitted gift for a special new baby.

Blueberry Kitchen Decor


Blueberry Potholders

alt="handmade fabric blueberry design potholders on Etsy"
Blueberry Potholders on Etsy by WildernessTies
This is a set of two blueberry potholders handmade by WildernessTies of Etsy (Carol in New York State) which measure 8 inches square each and are washable and heavy so you won't burn your hands when you use them.

The fabric in this set is blueberries that look good enough to eat. 

When You Are Not Crafting or Baking Your Blueberries...


Enjoy them in Other Ways!

Blueberries are very versatile... whether you grow them, bake, cook and eat them, or craft with the color of blueberries... it's a popular fruit. Enjoy your blueberries in many ways.

Don't be Blue... Be Berry Happy!

July is National Blueberry Month

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  1. Oh this is such a cute article. I love blueberries and could not have the soap in my bathroom....too tempted to eat it. But everything is so fresh and lively I'd enjoy them all I'm sure.....

    1. That soap does look yummy, I agree, Olivia. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Oh, that soap! That is so cute! All these blueberry crafts are cute and clever, but I have to say that the soap really stood out. I really like the potholders, too. Great selection!

  3. Wow Elf! You have really found some wonderful blueberry crafts. I see several that I think are really awesome, starting with those cute blueberries in the introduction. I never would have thought of blueberry earrings either, but they are absolutely adorable!

  4. You've certainly found all things blueberry for Blueberry Month. I hope the soap doesn't fool anyone. I think the little plush blueberries are cute.

  5. Oh my gosh... now I'm so hungry for blueberries. Those baby booties are TOO adorable!

  6. Oh the baby booties and hat combo are simply gorgeous!

  7. That blueberry hat is so cute! what a fun gift idea