Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Celebrating Polar Bear Day – in Plush Versions and More

February 27th has been designated Polar Bear Day, a day set aside just for this native of the North Pole and a few other frozen regions.  Most of us only get to see them in a zoo.

Since the Polar Bear is the world's largest carnivore, a bear who can grow up to 9 feet tall and weigh 1400 pounds, the best way to have a personal polar bear is to get a plush toy version or one in wearable form or perhaps in book form.


Handmade Polar Bear Cub


Plush Polar Bear on Etsy
This Amigurumi crochet polar bear is just a baby. He measures 8 inches long (9 inches long if you count his tail) and about 4 inches high. He is softly stuffed with new polyester fiberfill and is very huggable. He was created in crochet using white acrylic yarn and has black embroidered eyes, nose and claws.

Baby polar bear is looking for a warm toybox to live in. He's tired of the cold and snow at the North Pole. :-)  At the moment he is curled up in a warm corner of the Etsy Shop of Coastal Crochet Crafts in Georgia.



Polar Bear Hat in Handmade Crochet

Handmade Crochet Polar Bear Hat and Booties

Plush toy polar bears are not the only polar bear related items created in crochet.  Here's a darling polar bear hat and booties perfect as a gift set for a baby shower or darling as a photo prop.  

Created by a crochet crafter in Costa Mesa, CA, this polar bear hat & booties set can be found in her Etsy shop Crochet by Dana

Fun Polar Bear Fact

  • Polar bears are considered marine animals because they spend most of their life at sea. Their scientific name means "maritime bear".
  • Polar bears are related to the brown bear, but their bodies are adapted for cold temperatures, snow and ice.
  • Did you know that most polar bears are left-handed?  No wonder I like this mighty bear, being left-handed myself.

Polar Bear Gift Guide


Gund Plush Polar Bear
If you are looking for polar bear gift ideas, this gift guide has a nice collection in a variety of items, some of which are handmade by clever crafters on Etsy.


Goodnight Little Polar Bear


Hush Little Polar Bear on Amazon

Time to say goodnight to our polar bear and his 'day'. This bedtime story for tots will be a sweet way to end a day and let your youngster and little polar bears everywhere get ready to sleep. 

A lovely rhyming story in a sturdy board book for all children who like the polar bear.  Cuddle with a plush polar bear while listening to this sweet bedtime story. 

"Hush little polar bear./Sleep in the snow,/and dream of the places/where sleeping bears go." 


Polar Bear Day


Keep February 27 on your calendar from year to year to remember to celebrate "Polar Bear Day" on this special day!


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  1. Oh, the little plush Polar Bear and the hat are simply adorable and those post cards are gorgeous! I love Polar Bears. I don't particularly like to watch them eat, but I do love to watch them swim and run, just so long as they are not chasing me :)

  2. Love that this day is celebrated. There is so much to learn about our beloved polar bears.

  3. The stuffed polar bear and the hat are just too adorable.

  4. that little bear hat is adorable!

  5. Delighted you all love the polar bear like I do. Thanks for visiting, ladies.

  6. I love that little polar bear hat. I imagine it can inspire some great little wannabe polar bears to do some creative playing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by to visit my polar bears, Barbara.